Paloma Housing Co-operative

Our Mission


Paloma Housing Co-op provides affordable, sustainable housing for a diverse and supportive community.

Our Values

We believe in:


The diversity of our members, including variations in age, ability, gender, culture, and sexual orientation, enriches all of our experience in our community. We are proud of our diverse membership and we embrace our members for who they are, not what they are.


It is a cornerstone of co-operative housing that housing charges remain affordable for all members of diverse incomes and household compositions. Paloma is committed to ensuring our members are paying fair housing charges in the inflated housing market of greater Vancouver.


Paloma members are committed to good governance in every aspect of community living. Not only must we be financially sound so that our community persists intact for future generations, but we must also be environmentally responsible, self-advocating, and considerate to our neighbours.


We are a group of individuals and families gathering to create an internal culture; we make decisions democratically in the best interests of all members; we work together to create something larger than ourselves – a community of individuals dedicated to our common greater good.


Our members have the opportunity to be fully involved and informed in co-op matters through regular meetings and open committees; decisions are made co-operatively, democratically, and with respect for both the process and the outcome.

East Van pride

If we value the place we live, and each member values their place within the co-op community, so must Paloma value our place within a larger group of co-operatives, our place within our community of Commercial Drive, and as a neighbourhood within the City of Vancouver.


Our success as a viable co-operative depends on each member participating to the best of their ability, with sincere concern for the integrity of the building, the harmony of the community, and the welfare of their neighbours. To be engaged is not simply a members’ official service, but is a genuine desire to take initiative, as and where needed, to better the lives of all members.


We value the aesthetic presence our buildings and landscape give our daily lives. We recognize that living in beautiful surroundings adds to the well-being and sense of community accomplishment our members feel about our co-op.


A great community encompasses members of varying physical and mental abilities, whether due to age, injury, or other reason. We are aware that some members have or will have challenges with the physical environment of Paloma, both in suite and in the common spaces. To the best of our ability, we will provide safe, functional, and accessible environments and will take the physical needs of members into account in every decision. We are committed to accommodating the current and future needs of our neighbours.


Kindness. Consideration. Generosity of spirit and time. Neighbourliness. Mindfulness. Deliberation. To be thoughtful is to think before one acts, to think of others before one’s self, and to be cognizant of the greater good. Paloma members strive to take a measured approach to the challenges of community living and unabashedly celebrate the benefits of the same.

Working together / Collaboration

In working as a community for common goals, in being fair and just, in keeping the space safe and enjoyable for all, in believing we can do more if we do it together, we can accomplish amazing things. We are better and more than the sum of our parts.

Our Vision

  • We will develop and maintain a long-term plan to ensure that our co-op is financially, structurally and environmentally sustainable.
  • We understand that the older our homes become the more it is going to cost to maintain them. We also understand that housing charges are our main source of revenue and so to increase revenue we will at times have to increase housing charges.
  • We will call on government to continue to provide subsidy assistance. If government won’t help, we will continue to assist members who can’t afford to pay the full housing charge. We will strive to keep our housing affordable for all members.
  • We have a good member selection process but from time to time we will review and evaluate it to ensure we continue to recruit new members who share our vision.
  • We depend on each other. The work of our volunteers is important to the co-op. We will invest in the skills we need to make sure the important work of the co-op is done well.
  • We need to ensure there is a strong co-op housing sector to support us. We will keep informed about provincial and national issues that may affect our co-op and the larger co-op sector. We will send a delegate to federations’ events to represent our interests.
  • We will develop a plan to ensure we have sound leadership which is vital to our co-op’s success.
  • Paloma Housing Co-op strives to maintain a safe, friendly environment for all our members. We will allocate resources to activities that will contribute to building and maintaining a strong, cohesive co-op community.
  • We believe that co-op education is critical to our success. We will allocate resources to provide our members with opportunities for co-op education.